CPR & Defibrillator Demonstration

In The Event Of A Sudden Collapse Follow DR. ABCD

Danger, Dial 999

Check for danger, make sure it is safe to approach the Casualty.  ALWAYS SHOUT AND TELEPHONE FOR HELP!


Check for response, place your hands on the casualty’s shoulders and with a gentle shake ask if they are ok? (turn on back if required)


Check the airway is open with a head tilt and chin lift


Check for ‘normal’ breathing. With head tilted back, listen for breaths, feel for breaths, look for rise and fall of chest – up to 10 seconds (if in doubt assume not breathing).

Chest Compressions

Start CPR, place both hands in middle of chest, push down hard (5-6cm /2”) 30 times and then give 2 rescue breaths – with head tilted back, pinch nose and seal around mouth OR use mouth guard in 1st aid bag. Gently blow air in to the casualty, just enough for the chest to rise and fall.

Continue CPR at 30 chest compression’s and 2 inflation’s

Switch On Defibrillator & Follow Instructions