Welcome to the Mold Save a Life Appeal website.

The Save a Life Appeal resulted in 25 community defibrillators being placed at strategic locations around the town of Mold in key locations.

The Appeal was organised by Mold Town Council during the mayoral year of Councillor Anthony Parry (2016/17) where over £40,000 was raised through various fund raising events, donations and collections.

The Town Council is pleased that Mold is now a safer town should residents and visitors suffer an unexpected cardiac arrest, as defibrillators can be found in shops, licensed premises, public buildings, schools and even in special outside cabinets in public places. Additionally, over 1000 people, including many school children, have received free training on how to carry out CPR and use a defibrillator should someone suffer a cardiac arrest.

The initiative has been completed in conjunction with the charity “Welsh Hearts” (www.welshhearts.org).

North Wales Ambulance are aware of the locations of all defibrillators we have placed within the town and each apparatus has easy to follow instructions.

Mold Town Council